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Cornelius The Dragon by Nadine Rake tells the story of a dragon who is not like other dragons.

Cornelius is a gardener, not a destructive fire-breather!

In the forest, he grows fruits, vegetables and flowers. He even learns how to use plants as medicine. But when his family finds out, they forbid him to go there.

"No more gardening!" his parents say.

Dejected and sad, Cornelius is summoned to a castle tower, where he meets a princess who changes everything for Cornelius.

Cornelius learns the importance of always being his own dragon, no matter what everyone else might expect.

Nadine tells the story with eloquence and humour and conveys this very important life lesson in a fun way that is easy to understand for small children.

The sooner they learn this lesson the better - the world needs more gardening dragons!

Nadine Rake is a teacher who loves to help students get excited about reading and writing. She is passionate about storytelling and she is freelance
writer and blogger. Like Cornelius, she knows it can take a lot of courage to stand up for yourself, and sometimes you might need a little help from a friend. She often tells her student, "Be who you are, and don't let anyone change the real you." Nadine lives in Cranbrook, BC, with her family.

Illustrated by Chad Thompson

Soft cover

Friesen Press, Manitoba, Canada

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