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Eggshell CLEANING Kit


The Eggshell Cleaning Kit may just be the tool you've been waitng for to make all your Pysanky dreams come true.

Most Easter egg dyeing instructions encourage you to leave the egg intact and blow out the insides after you’ve done all the dyeing. It’s a little intimidating - you’ve just spent all that time making a most beautiful Easter egg but what if it breaks when I’m cleaning it? What should I use? Is there a tool?

Yes there is and HERE it is! Everything you need to EMPTY, CLEAN AND PLUG eggshells in preparation for dyeing in the safest way out there with the margin for shell cracking going WAY down.

The Egg Cleaning Kit includes:

  • Mini screwdriver
  • Basic Egg Blower
  • Egg Reamer set
  • 6 white egg plugs
  • 6 pink egg plugs
  • instructions 

Made in Canada

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