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LOOME Pom Pom Trim Guide + Braiding Flower


The Loome Pom Pom Trim Guide + Braiding Flower is a must-have doodad for your tool kit if you're a pom pom maker and crafty kid.

It is the first ever Loome Pom Pom Trim Guide (PPTG) that does double duty.

First, the PPTG will help you fast-track your pom pom trimming. Score! Lopsided pom-poms will be a thing of the past!

Second, the notches allow you to make an awesome 7-strand Japanese Kumihimo cord. It's also known as a braiding flower.

You can always count on Loome to design tools that are practical, multi-functional and get you crafting!

The Loome Pom Pom Trim Guide goes really well with the Loome 5-in-1 Craft Tool that makes pom poms, mini weavings, bracelets, cord and tassles.

Made of bamboo and poplar in China

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