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Maplerose STAR Felting Kit


The Maplerose Star Kit is a quick and easy way to fill your world with custom made stars. String them together to make a bunting. Hang them from a tree at Christmas time.

Even the youngest felters will find this a great way to start the felting fun. It’s safer than felting freehand because it’s easier to keep the felting needle in the right spot - inside the shape, and not in the fingers!

More experienced felters will find this a great way to make A LOT of consistent shapes very quickly. Stars for everyone!

Use the shapes to create felted shapes with ease. Fill with batting or roving and poke-poke-poke and POOF you’ve got a shape!

Each Maplerose Star Kit includes:

  • 2 custom-made 3D printed star shapes, 4cm and 7cm
  • 50g 100% wool batting (the easiest to felt) in assorted colours.
  • Set of 2 Wizpik needles, chosen especially for this type of project
  • Instructions.

Layer the wool to make a colourful effect. Embellish larger shapes with smaller shapes for unique designs.

These cutters are custom made for Maplerose by a Canadian artist in Victoria, BC using a 3D printer. They could also be used to cut play dough or even cookie dough but because of the nature of the 3D printing there are teeny tiny grooves that could harbour dough and lead to a bacteria party. So we don’t recommend use with food.

Made in Canada

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