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Maplerose Wool Dryer Balls SOLIDS 2 Sizes


While hanging your clothes out on the line in the summer sunshine is definitely the best way to dry your clothes (can you really beat the smell of line-dried sheets?!) using Maplerose Wool Dryer Balls, when you have to use the dryer, is better for you, your clothes and Mother Earth!

The benefits of wool dryer balls are undeniable.

  • Faster drying time in the dryer. Save time and money!
  • Eliminates static.
  • Fragrance-free. Unless you add some organic essential oil to your dryer balls, then they're FRAGRANCE-A-LICIOUS and have all those aromatherapy benefits, too!
  • Sustainably-sourced. Wool is renewable resource!
  • Long lasting. A set of dryer balls will dry 100's of loads.
  • Canadian made (by me!) with Canadian wool. Go LOCAL!
  • No plastic involved.

Sold individually. Most full loads in the dryer benefit from 3-4 dryer balls.

As well as being a mighty fine dryer ball, my children have played with a set of wool "dryer" balls as toys for as long as they could grab things. They're soft and natural and when thrown at a sisters head they do no damage.

Cats like them, too.

Personalize your wool balls by adding your own needle felted embelishments.

Made in Nelson, BC.

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