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100% Pure Canadian Bulk BEESWAX


100% Pure Canadian bulk beeswax comes in big chunks.

It is harvested in an area of Northern Alberta far away from any commercial farming or industries producing or utilizing chemicals.

To produce this beeswax, wooden frames are removed from the hive before the wax is cut off and so no bees are harmed. Honey is then filtered out from the wax, and wax is formed into blocks. The wax remains unfiltered and color can vary from one batch to the next.

This produces a beeswax that is fragrant and golden brown in colour. It is great for skincare products, candle making, and various craft and hobby uses

One of our favourite activities is to dip colourful, autumn leaves to make a beautiful seasonal garland. Let us know if you want more directions for this activity, but 1 - 200g chunk of beeswax and a whole lot of newspaper should do the trick!

Made in Canada

Unfiltered. Store in a cool dry place.


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