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Ray-Ann’s Handmade Felted NEST + EGGS


Ray-Ann’s Handmade Felted Wool Nest + Eggs is inspired by springtime in the forest.

Three turquoise eggs are snuggled in this undyed, natural wool nest, decorated with actual lichen.

The nest and eggs can be played with gently, used as decoration for a spring nature table or as a unique Christmas tree ornament.

Toys like this have many uses and with a little imagination have many more. It can be played with for years. 

For ages 5 and up

Ray-Ann Miller is an Early Childhood Educator here in Nelson. She loves engaging small children and their families with her beautiful and whimsical handmade toys. She brings them to life with her other passion, storytelling.

Ray-Ann lives up a mountain with her husband just outside of Nelson. In the midst of a forest, the birds, animals and trees inspire all of her creations.

Made in Nelson, BC

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