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Stockmar Beeswax Block Crayon BULK Sets


The Stockmar Beeswax Block Crayon Bulk Sets are the most economical way to get colouring with these carefully curated collections of colours.

Based on Goethe’s Colour Theory these sets allow for a distinct exploration of the colours. With no box or tin, these sets can be stored in a handmade drawstring bag, in a little basket or in the back of a wooden truck. They make excellent cargo!

Waldorf 8 - carmine red, vermillion, orange, golden yellow, lemon yellow, green, ultramarine and red violet.

Classic 8 - carmine red, orange, lemon yellow, green, ultramarine, blue violet, rust, black

Classic 16 - carmine red, vermillion, orange, golden yellow, lemon yellow, yellow green, green, blue green, prussian blue, ultramarine blue, blue violet, red violet, rust, yellow ochre, black, white

Loved by young children, Stockmar block beeswax crayons are a favourite in Waldorf classrooms and at home for many good reasons:

  • Easily grasped by small hands, blocks crayons can be used in a variety of ways and create a variety of lines and marks - so fun for the littlest artists.
  • Vibrant colors.
  • Do not easily break and last a looooong time.
  • Each set comes in a sturdy tin box that can easily be refilled with our bulk Stockmar crayons if you lose any.
  • Made of beeswax, these crayons smell nice and are non-toxic, should a youngster take a bite. They are gluten-free.
  • Block crayons don't roll away.
  • When not used for colouring, block crayonons make perfect building blocks and cargo for toy trucks and treasures for gnome hideaways. Especially the gold and silver - what treasure!
  • They are recommended in Waldorf classrooms for young children to promote colouring with wild abandon and developing the "will".

Each set contains one block each of carmine red, ultramarine blue and lemon yellow.
Made in Germany

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