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Stockmar Decorating Wax is a wonderful way to take your candle making to the next level.

Each sheet is just 1.5 mm thick and smells so good.

They comes in beautiful, light fast, colour pigments that can be easily cut, kneaded and shaped. Cut outs of decorating wax  can be adhered to a variety of natural matierials, not just other candles, like glass, wood, stone but expecially beeswax.

Decorating wax can make your handmade rolled or dipped beeswax candles or storebought parafin candles even more beautiful. Personalize your candles with words, names or festive, seasonal shapes.

Hearts at Valentine's Day? You got it! Stars. Oh, yes!

Let your creativity flow and personalize your candles with cut outs of decorating wax made with tiny cookie cutters or freehand with scissors or an xacto knife.

Have fun!

12 or 18 sheets

Each sheet is 200mm x 40mm x 0.9 mm

Made in Germany

Customer Reviews

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Sara Westnedge
Happy with this wax

Great wax sheets for cutting out candle shapes. My main concern is how long they will last - I had to coach kids not to stamp right into the center! On the other hand, we cut out lots of shapes and have lots left. I will order this again.

Hi Sara,
You can rework the wax and flatten it back into thin pieces to make more shapes with the stamps. I had the same issue with my kiddos but then they discovered it could be reshaped. Woot!

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