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Stockmar WATERCOLOUR Paints 20ml


STOCKMAR watercolour paints are a concentrated paint found in Waldorf schools around the world. And for good reason.

The non-toxic colours have a pasty consistency out of the bottle and have to be mixed with water before using.

Mix Stockmar watercolours in a small jar (like THESE GLASS JARS) of water with a lid and have on hand for many painters or many paintings. Try our Wooden Jar Holder and glass jars with lids.

After wetting a piece of sturdy watercolour paper use a paintbrush (like THIS PAINT BRUSH), to watch the magic of these vibrant hues mix together. Take the time to explore the colours (like they do in waldorf kindergartens) and just use one or two to make a painting. It's mesmerizing.

There is no recipe to make the perfect jar of paint. It's all up to the artist (or parent) how thick or thin they want the paint to be.

Once mixed, these paints will last for weeks in tightly sealed jars. If not mixed, the concentrated paint will last for months, even years, in their tightly sealed jar.


Made in Germany

Customer Reviews

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a Must Have for your child's art supply collection!

For little ones, wet on wet watercolor is the way to go....I love watching my children get deep into the experience of their paint gliding effortlessly over the paper, experiencing fully of a single color or 2 or more colors meeting each other and creating some new alchemy. The pigments are rich and luscious. Been using these for years. They last forever too, as a little goes a long way!

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