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The Star Children is a beautiful story about our childrens’ deep connection to nature.

In the story we see how little stars and little humans enjoy revelling and romping freely in nature. Experiences engaging the body and senses fully and adventuring both outwardly and inwardly in the wonder of it all are captured with Strands poetic story telling and ethereal illustrations.

Lila Strand has written and illustrated a beautiful and gentle story. Full of whimsy and magic, The Star Children easily captivates it’s audience. Strand has worked with children for years in a Waldorf setting and her story telling expertise is evident.

The Star Children tells us how one evening the star children see the earth children, playing down below. They would love to meet them and run to ask the Mother-of-Us-All for help.

She tells them how to get down to Earth and how to get home. They promise to remember but can they manage? Will they return to their home in the sky after meeting new friends and playing with them for an afternoon?

Hard cover

Made in Canada

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