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WizPik EVERYDAY Felting Needle Set


With a global colour coding system, Wizpik felting needles are the needle felting needles you can count on to be strong, consistent and accurate.

We have created some sets to help you expand your needle felting horizons and get to know some these excellent needles.

Understanding what the different needles can do only broadens your needle felting knowledge and will allow you to tackle more intricate designs with confidence.

EVERYDAY needles

BURGUNDY: 38 2x2x2 - Use Burgundy for medium wools, such as Corriedale and Halfbred, and initial felting of fine wools and similar fibres, such as Merino, Angora, Alpaca, Silk and fine manmade fibres such as Rayon, Soy silk, Ingeo, if they are being used for the bulk of the project. This needle is not recommended for attaching fine fibres as an embellishment.

Use Burgundy for:

  • Deep penetration
  • Attaching blobs of wool (eyes of felted animals)
  • Joining balls together
  • Creating spots within a smooth surface.

PEACH STAR: 38 2x2x2x2 - Use Peach for medium and fine wools. This needle is a finer version of Red.

Use Peach for:

  • Medium and fine wools
  • Blending pieces together
  • Patching holes.

RED STAR: 36 2x2x2x2 - Use Red for both medium and coarse wool. Star needles with four sides have high barb density, but still penetrate firm felt easily.

Use Red for:

  • Easily penetrate firm felt
  • Condensing light to medium wool in early stages
  • Form balls
  • Blending flat felt pieces together (patching holes)
  • Thicker yarns.
  • Like peach star but stronger.

PINK: 32 3x3x0 - Use Pink for cross-bred and other coarse wools, such as Romney, Leicester or Lincoln, and early stages of medium wools such as Corriedale and Halfbred. Pink is strong, penetrates easily, works over a wide depth range, and rarely breaks.

Use Pink for:

  • Strong, penetrates easily,
  • Wide depth range
  • Increase density
  • Joining balls
  • Flattening sausage-shaped balls
  • Great for kids

MAUVE: 36 2x2x2 - Use Mauve for medium wools such as Corriedale, and firming stages for coarser fibres, such as Romney, Leicester, Lincoln and Mohair.

Use Mauve for:

  • Children when breakage is an issue. It’s a very sturdy needle. For deeper penetration choose Bugundy.
  • Form or firm 3-D items.

Needles made in Switzerland, sets assembled in Canada

A NOTE ON SHIPPING: Up to 6 sets of Wizpik needles can be sent on their own within Canada with the $6 Flat Rate For Flat Things shipping option. Woot!

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