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WizPik felting needles are the best out there. With a global colour coding system you can count on these needles fulfilling all of your needle felting expectations. Use the best tools to get the best results.

  • Blue: 32 8x0x0 - forming eye sockets, splicing, adding coarse and medium fibre, rooting hair on plastic dolls head.
  • Brown: 40 3x3x3 - fast early stage felting, forming depressions, preparing wool prior to wet felting, quickly adding rough surface textures.
  • Burgundy: 38 2x2x2 - deep penetration, attaching blobs of wool (eyes of felted animals), joining balls together, creating spots within a smooth surface.
  • Cream: 40 2x2x2 - merino, catching fine fibres, attaching hair-like fibres (mohair)
  • Grey star: 42 1x1x1 - delicate felting and finishing touches, forming sparks in eyes, fine, slow-motions delicate work.
  • Lime: 32 3x3x3 - secure fibres prior to wet felting, define design outlines prior to wet felting, speedy initial felting during early stages of 3-D projects.
  • Mauve: 36 2x2x2 - sturdy & great for kids, form or firm 3-D items.
  • Peach star: 38 2x2x2x2 - for medium and fine wools, blending pieces together, patching holes.
  • Pink: 32 3x3x0 - strong, penetrates easily, wide depth range, increase density, joining balls, flattening sausage-shaped balls, great for kids.
  • Red star: 36 2x2x2x2 - easily penetrate firm felt, condensing light to medium wool in early stages, form balls, blending flat felt pieces together (patching holes), thicker yarns. Like peach star but stronger.
  • Silver: 40 gauge / 2x2x2 / reverse - for finer fibres. As a reverse needle, Silver pulls the fibres backwards when the needle is extracted, which is the opposite to how normal felting needles work. Loosen up felt in a small area, create fine, soft, fluffy surface, pull long stapled fibres through a layer of finer fibre, for blending colours
  • Yellow: 40 2x2x2 - attaching embellishment fibres and creating patterns on balls or eggs prior to wet felting, firming medium wool

All needles come in a set of 2.

A NOTE ON SHIPPING: Do you need just a couple packs of needles? We can send up to 6 sets of Wizpik needles for a flat rate of $7 by lettermail within Canada. It won't be insured or trackable or particularly quick but it will be much cheaper than sending it as a package. Email for more information.

Made in Switzerland.

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