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These WOODEN CHALKBOARDS are beautiful, heavy and well-made. It is the kind of thing that'll become a part of the household and that you love to have around - a good thing, because it's made to last.

It can be erased endlessly, brushed or cleaned with water. And of course, it can be drawn upon with Mercurius blackboard chalk.

One side of the wooden chalkboard is coated with a very high-quality, true black schoolboard lacquer. It retains its matte blackness and guarantees the longevity of the blackboard.

Just like our “regular” wooden painting boards, our chalkboards are waterproof with lacquered plywood and have rounded corners. The sizes are the same as the wooden painting boards.

To ensure that the schoolboard lacquer is not damaged, we recommend using only Mercurius blackboard chalk.

Waterproof glued and lacquered plywood, rounded corners

30cm x 40cm

Made in Germany

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