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Go Big!

The Extra Large Wooden Weaving Frame Loom is the perfect way to begin your weaving journey.
The solid basswood frame comes out of the box already strung and ready for it’s first project.

You supply the wool and other fibres and all the other tools you need are right there!
Weaving is an ancient craft and can be easily incorporated into homeschool curriculums in a variety of ways from history to handicrafts.

This loom can be used as a tapestry loom where you can weave pictures or as a frame loom where creativity is your guide and a wide variety of fibres can be used to create all kinds of new school creations. From scarves to oven cloths, from single colours to complicated colours, textures and patterns; the possibilities are endless.

Have you heard that weaving is the basis of learning coding? It is said that by learning the patterns and variations of weaving the brain begins to understand the fundamentals of coding, laying the foundation for future learning.

Looks like weavers could take over the world.

The maximum width on the loom is 50 cm.


 • Weaving frame of solid basswood

• 2 shuttles and shed

• Warp thread

• Instructions

Fibres sold HERE.

Suitable for 5-ish (with supervision) and up, as there are small parts and it can be a little tricky.

Made in Germany
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