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English Cardstock CRAFTING Strips


These English Cardstock Strips provide a wealth of crafting possibilities.

Practice weaving! A great craft for the littlest fingers to create something big or small exploring all kinds of colour combinations.

Fold together to make simple origami Lucky Stars or more complex Swedish Christmas Stars (AKA Froberg stars).

Loop the stips together and make a beautiful bunting to celebrate birthdays or any season - soltice, Christmas, Hallowe'en, or Valentine's Day will be so much more festive with a colourful bunting chain around the house. Great for the Christmas tree, too! Secure with staples, tape or (if you're very patient) glue.

10 pieces looped together makes a chain approximately 65-70cm long. Loop all 100 pieces to make a chain approximately 7 meters long.

160gsm chlorine-free sturdy cardstock in 10 assorted colours

100 pieces, assorted colours, 2cm x 25cm

Made in the Netherlands

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