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We have all kinds of ways to celebrate birthdays!

Whether you’re looking for traditional or Waldorf-inspired ways to celebrate birthdays at our house we love to try new things that often become a family tradition.

Decorate with colourful crafts!

Read a story to share your love and remember just how special the day is.

Make candles and light candles of beautiful beeswax.

Give a handmade gift filled with love. Wrap them in playsilks year after year.

Share a kit to inspire the joy of creativity.

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Maplerose TREE + BIRTHDAY RING Beeswax Candle Kit
Marjan van Zeyl Postcards of SUMMER CELEBRATIONS
Golden CROWN Card Paper
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Maplerose BIRTHDAY Beeswax Candle Kit
THROUGH THE RAINBOW A Waldorf Birthday Story For Children Retold By Lou Harvey-Zahra
Maplerose HEART Felting Kit
Organic Beeswax BIRTHDAY RING (TREE) CANDLES Set of 2
Maplerose SUPER DUPER Beeswax Candle Kit
Maplerose Giant Flower Bouquet Kit
Handmade Wooden PICTURE FRAME
Handmade HEART FAIRY Pocket Doll
English Cardstock CRAFTING Strips
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