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Handmade HEART FAIRY Pocket Doll

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The Handmade Heart Fairy Pocket Doll is the perfect reminder of all the love you can hold right in your hand.

When big challenges come up the Heart Fairy can help. Hold her tight and remember someone is thinking about you and believes in you.

When a little extra love is needed the Heart Fairy is there. Hold her tight and remember that you are loved.

These small pocket dolls are 25cm tall and handmade by a local BC homeschooling momma of 3, Simone Campbell. They easily fit in the pocket for those who need a special buddy for adventures, birthdays, school or just because.

Simone lovingly created these small treasures for her small children first and now we are lucky enough for the opportunity for open-ended, imaginative, magical play for our children, too.

Like all Waldorf-inspired toys, the heart fairy is made of natural materials and is heirloom quality. These are the kinds of toys that grow with your children and offer endless opportunities for play and story telling full of wonder and magic.

The Heart Fairy is made of:

  • 100% wool felt bodies, with hand-dyed accents.
  • Hand-dyed sheep locks for hair.
  • Stuffed with 100% wool batting from Canada.
  • Organic cotton dollskin
  • Non-toxic beeswax crayon blush
  • Lots of love and attention in each and every stitch.

Made in Nelson, BC.

We love supporting local artists. We hope you do, too. We ensure our prices offer a fair price to you and to our artisits. A lot of work goes in to designing and producing the one-of-a-kind toys and works of art. They are something you and the children that recieve them will cherish and keep for a very long time.

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