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Wool Mountain Hand-dyed Wool Locks ORANGES

Wool Mountain Hand-dyed Wool Locks are a dynamic bundle of hues and shades. They are just magical.

No two jumbles are alike - as the locks are hand painted with non-toxic dyes in small batches. The combinations of colours are unique and so very beautiful.

Each sheep breed creates wool with different characteristics. Each jumble of locks has a different texture, lenght and curl size. So cool!

Spinning, weaving, and all kinds of crafting - locks are so fun to use. Locks can be spun into yarn, added to weaving to create dynamic texture and used in a variety of craft projects such as curly hair for fairies, lush beards for gnomes and to recreate felted sheep. Meta.

Jumbles may have a couple bits of complimentary coloured locks just for a little surprise.

They are ALL one-of-a kind!

20g jumbles

Hand painted, small batch dyed by MWL Wool Mountain, Winnipeg, MB

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