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Wet felting and needle felting are fun crafts that are quick and easy to get into. Here are the tools and supplies you need to get felting.

Maplerose is proud to carry Wizpik needles, one of the best felting needles in the world. They come in a variety of shapes and thicknesses so that you can felt with ease. Be careful, though, they are a very sharp and a very delicate tool.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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Ashford Corriedale Sliver Wool Roving LIGHTS
Ashford Corriedale Sliver Wool Roving DARKS
Ashford Corriedale Sliver Wool Roving BRIGHTS
Maplerose Corriedale SEASONAL SETS
100% cotton pipe cleaners
Needle Felting Foam BLOCK
Maplerose DELUXE Needle Felting Supply Bundle
Ashford SILK MERINO Blend Roving
Maplerose BUNNY BUNNKINS Needle Felting Kit
WizPik EVERYDAY Felting Needle Set
Maplerose THREE BEARS Needle Felting Kit
Ashford Silk Merino SCARF Nuno Felting Kit
Maplerose STARTER Needle Felting Bundle
100% COTTON Pipe Cleaners, 6-inch
Wooden Felting NEEDLING Holder - 4 Needles
Maplerose EARTH-Y Jingle Ball Felting Kit
A Pair of EYES
Maplerose EASTER EGG Felting Kit
Filges Wooden Single FELTING NEEDLE HOLDER with extra needles
Wooden Felting Needle HOLDER - 6 needles
Maplerose Corriedale Wool Roving SUPER DUPER Set
Maplerose SPRING CHICKS Needle Felting Kit
Maplerose SNOWMAN Needle Felting Kit
Ashford BEAGLE Needle Felting Kit
Maplerose HEART Felting Kit
Maplerose SOLSTICE Wool Fairy Felting Kit
Wool Mountain Hand-dyed Wool Locks GREENS
Maplerose Corriedale Wool Roving SUPERCALIFRAGILISTIC Set
Ashford Wooden NEEDLE PUNCH with 5 needles
Wool Mountain Hand-dyed Wool Locks REDS
Maplerose Corriedale Wool Roving LIGHTS Set
WizPik MERINO Felting Needle Set
Wool Mountain Hand-dyed Wool Locks MULTI
Wool Mountain Hand-dyed Wool Locks ORANGES
Maplerose Corriedale Wool Roving DARKS Set
41 results
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