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WizPik MERINO Felting Needle Set


With a global colour coding system, Wizpik felting needles are the needle felting needles you can count on to be strong, consistent and accurate.

We have created these sets to help you expand your needle felting horizons and get to know some excellent needles. Understanding what the different needles can do will broaden your needle felting knowledge and allow you to tackle more intricate designs with confidence.

The Wizpik MERINO needle set is especially for working with Merino and other fine fibres. Yes, these needles are quite fragile and they need a more delicate touch than when working with courser wool and a heavier needle. Be careful.

The Merino set includes:

Brown 40 gauge 3x3x3

Use Brown for fast, early-stage felting of fine wools such as Polworth and Merino, and other fibres of similar diameter, if they are being used for the bulk of the project or surface irregularity is not an issue. This needle is not recommended for attaching fine embellishing fibres.

  • sculpt prominent depressions when Lime is too coarse and for sculptural projects when forming nostrils and eye sockets with a jiggling action. For similar but softer action change to Cream.
  • prepare and position medium wool fibres prior to wet felting in a similar manner to recommendations for the Green needle and coarse fibres.
  • quickly add rough surface textures and embellishments in medium and fine wool projects, but is more inclined to leave a pitted surface than other 40 gauge needles.

Cream 40 gauge 2x2x2

Use Cream for early and firming stages of felting for fine wools or for fast deep action with easy penetration on medium wool. The Cream needle works particularly well for Merino when other needles seem to not grip the fibre. This needle tends to bend easily.

  • when other needles just slip by without catching hold of the fibre.
  • for very fine fibres like Merino with a high micron count or baby Camel or Cashmire.
  • to attach hairlike fibre to felt (Mohair or dogs hair).

Grey star: 42 1x1x1

Use Grey for fine wool and other delicate fibres. Grey is a finer version of Orange. This needle is especially fine with less barbs than White.

  • Delicate felting and finishing touches
  • Forming teach and sparks in eyes
  • Fine, slow-motions delicate work.

Peach star: 38 2x2x2x2 - for medium and fine wools

Use Peach for:

  • Blending pieces together
  • Patching holes.

Needles made in Switzerland, sets assembled in Canada.

A NOTE ON SHIPPING: Up to 4 sets of Wizpik merino needles can be sent on their own within Canada with the $8 Flat Rate For Flat Things shipping option. They won't be insured or trackable or particularly quick, but they will get to you for a bargain. Please email if you're interested in this option.

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