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100% COTTON Pipe Cleaners, 12-inch


100% Cotton pipecleaners are soft, off-white and the "backbone" to so many art and craft projects.

Create skeletons for needle felted giraffes, dragons, and any multi-limbed creature, big or small. Cover with a layer of 100% Canadian wool felting batting to fill out the form, then merino or Corriedale roving for overall colour and details.

Add arms and legs to needle felted fairies and gnomes. Wrap a thin strand of merino roving around each pipe cleaner after it has been secured to the central body.

String large wooden beads on a pipecleaner to make hungry caterpillars that wiggle and pose.

Use as a stem for hand sewn 100% wool felt flowers.

12-inches in length, 20 or 100 pieces, made in the USA

A NOTE ON SHIPPING: Do you need just 1 bunch of pipecleaners and nothing else? I can send you just that via lettermail for a flat rate of $8. Perfect for no rush, but no insurance and no tracking.
Please resister in the shop (so I have your name and address) and then send an email to to ask for an invoice.

Customer Reviews

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Jennifer Lee
Excellent Quality

I am so happy with these pipe cleaners, they are exactly what I need to make long lasting projects.

Wonderful item

These pipe cleaners were perfect for creating needle felted dolls. Maple Rose is such a beautiful shop ❤️️

Ashley Machado
Great quality

MUCH better than the dollarstore ones!!!

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