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MotherCircle IN PERSON *Starting Sunday, May 26th 11 AM


Please join me, Jenn the owner of Maplerose, for my MotherCircle Online gathering starting Sunday, May 26th at 11am.

This is for ALL MOTHERS on the motherhood journey - if you’re wanting to be a mother, are pregnant, have a newborn, toddler, teenager, grown-up kid or have become a grandmother this course is for YOU. 

The 8 class follows a carefully created series with each class building on the next to create a journey of inquiry, inspiration and discovery.

Each class begins at 11:00 am PST and will be approximately 60-75 minutes.

I appreciate you trusting me with your time and money. I respect your commitment to joining the circle with me so we can learn together. If you have any questions please contact me here

The creators of MotherCircle, Jess Connolly and Kimberly Ann Johnson, have created this wildly supportive, thought-provoking + interesting curricullum that I would be honoured to share with with you:

Week 1  - MotherDive Sunday, May 26th

Motherhood is not what we expected, is it? It's a journey deep into the underworld facing all kinds of uncharted territory from which we emerge completely changed forever. That's not necessarily a bad thing though. Through the use of story telling and self inquiry we can see that this journey just may be the best most empowering adventure we've ever been on.

Week 2 - MotherCycle  Sunday, June 2nd

Ah, cycles. As women they've been a part of our lives from the very beginning. When we embrace our cyclical nature, not just from a monthly persepective, but from the journey of motherhood, and from our entire lives we can access the potential wisdom and the power they can hold for us and enter into wholeness.

Week 3  - MotherBody Sunday, June 8th

Whether you're a brand new mom or a brand seasoned grandmother, understanding the physical and emotional needs of being a mother is a powerful framework to healing and understanding. It's never too late to learn how to better attend to what you need in your body and your mind to achieve a sense of wellness. Everything a brand new baby need a mother needs too. And it's never to late to make that happen.

Week 4 - MotherJaguar  Sunday, June 15th

Your nervous system is really in charge of so much, whether we're aware of it or not. Well, now you can become better acquaninted with your nervouse system to understand the predator/prey dynamic and relate that dynamic to your own motherhood journey and discover the essential tools for coping and even thriving.

Week 5 - MotherBirth  Sunday, June 22nd

Giving birth has changed us so deeply. It's an intiation. It's an introduction. It's a wild ride. Let's explore this life changing event for all the wisdom it holds. Together we'll learn all it has to offer us on our journey as mothers.

Week 6 - MotherLover Sunday, June 29th

Even though sex is what got us to motherhood, it's often the first thing to fall away as a mother. Motherhood changes our sexuality, that's for sure. Let's find our way back to our body and explore sensuality and sexuality through the lens of the women we are today. 

Week 7 - MotherWorth  Sunday, July 7th

Worth and value. Like most everything else on the motherhood journey, how you feel about yourself in the world, and in your home, has changed immeasurably. Through exploring the relationship between worth and value you can redefine and begin to nurture and new way of how we relate to our work in the world.

Week 8 - MotherCode  Sunday, July 15th

How you want to mother is up to you. You have choices and your unique perspective will inform the legacy you leave. We aren't doing this alone. We are part of a motherline and the many mothers around us inform those choices but in the end it's up to you. Together we will make those choices with clarity and grace and honour the lineage we came from.

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