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Koh-I-Noor Blackboard Pastel CHALK

Koh-I-Noor blackboard pastel chalk creates bright + vibrant artwork on chalkboards and paper. The colours have a high coverage and are easily blended allowing for all kinds of creativity to thrive.

These square-shaped chalk sticks are easy for little hands to hold onto and they won't roll away.
Perfect for Waldorf-inspired art work, homeschooling projects and anyone who loves to make beautiful art with chalk pastels. The effect is soft and dreamy with few hard edges.

The colours in this set are:
Mauve, purple, green, light green, blue, light blue, red, pink, orange, yellow, golden yellow, white

Set of 12
Made in Germany
PLEASE NOTE: As this is chalk that comes all the way from Germany, that's a couple of flights and a trip or two in a truck, before it gets to me there's a chance that there may be broken sticks in your box. That's just the nature of this product, so please know we've done everything we can to make sure it's looked after in transit and we cannot be held responsible for broken sticks. And as a mom I know that the broken sticks work just as well as the whole sticks ;)
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