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Filges Plant-dyed SEASONAL Playsilks

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Filges Seasonal Play Silks are plant-dyed play silks in seasonally inspired hues.

They are light, flowing silk squares for open-ended play and the smallest play sils that Filges offers.

A staple in Waldorf classrooms and anywhere natural play with non-toxic, beautiful "toys" are important.

Playsilks can last thru a play-filled childhood and beyond. The possibilities will grow as the children playing with them grow:

  • Dress-up as a fairy, dragon, sunbeam, fish, wind, flower...
  • Create landscapes for play with elves and gnomes
  • Create a nature table display to celebrate the seasons
  • Make a sling for a doll or animal
  • Snuggle under when emotions are big and soothing is needed.
  • Tie to a stick for a flag
  • Wrap gifts over and over again for birthdays and Christmas (just like the Japanese "furoshiki") as the ultimate reusable gift wrap.
  • Cuddle up and have a nap for a "sheet" that's cool in the summer and warm in the winter
  • Hang as a curtain where beautiful light shines through and colours glow
  • Play in the tub and make silk bubbles to hide under.

55 x 55 cm squares.
Hand hemmed.

Dyed with non-toxic natural dyes.

Made in Germany

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