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Handmade Wooden PLAY CLIPS


These beautiful handmade wooden play clips are just what you need to take your fort building to the next level.

And they are just good for supporting open-ended play of all kinds. They pair perfectly with Filges PLAY SILKS.

Wooden play clips have no hard edges and close firmly, but not dangerously, tight. They are made to be played with by children and the elastics are easily replacable.

Our friend Len has joined forces with Maplerose to create all kinds of beautiful handmade wooden goodies. Since the garden was put to bed in the fall, he fills most days working in his shop working with wood he has found and repurposes.

He works mostly with pine, cedar and fir. Everything that he makes is one-of-a-kind and uses repurposed wood. He carefully considers designs, is often inspired by Waldorf ways, nature and sustainability.

Repurposed wood

Made in Glade, BC.

Customer Reviews

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Miche St. Denis

The clips are wonderful and easy for the kids to use, as well as me. I wonder where I would get replacement rubber bands for them, though......
As well, the left handed pencil sharpener works like a dream! I love that the plug for the sharpener part is attached, so I don't have to worry about losing it.

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