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Maplerose Heart Folding Kit FOR MY LOVE


The Maplerose Heart Folding Kit FOR MY LOVE is:

Our very popular Maplerose Heart Folding Kit + postage to send this wonderful gift to someone you love = SO MUCH LOVE.

Just leave the recipients address in the order notes and we’ll tuck a little card in the envelope, too. If you want to leave a special message let us know. Great for Valentine's Day, birthday or any old day you want to send someone a sweet surprise

This option has to be purchased on its own - one gift per ordert. Sorry, they cannot be combined with other items.

Each heart just takes a few minutes to fold and are great from kids from 4 to 400.

Put them on a wall or up in a window and watch as the sun shines, how the paper is illuminated and the hearts come alive. We have some up in our windows most of the year because they’re just so pretty.

*If you have any questions, let me know. This is a brand new idea!

Assorted colours

Japanese silk paper made in Holland

Kit assembled in Nelson, BC

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