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Celebrate the seasons with crafts!

Maplerose's Surprise Egg With Chick Felting Kit is a wonderful introduction to needle felting AND wet felting. What?!

It's great for beginners to the felting world. Children especially love this project.

It should/could take around an hour to complete a baby chick or two. There are enough supplies to make at least 2 thumb-sized chicks. 

*The mouse is in the photo but not available quite yet :)

Wet felting the egg takes a little more time as it'll need to dry once its been felted. This is not a "day of" or "last minute" type craft if you were thinking you'd whip it up and have it done within the hour.

A wet-felting hack to diminish drying time: Tie your egg up in a length of panty hose once you've rished out all the soap and put it in the dryer to dry. Works like a charm!

    Each kit includes:
    • Corriedale roving and batting for the chick
    • 100% Canadian batting for wet felting the egg.
    • 1 wooden egg to use as a form for wet felting - use it again and again for making felted eggs or you can paint it or dye it or decorate with decorating wax.
    • Wizpik felting needles
    • Embroidery thread and needle
    • Photo-illustrated instructions

    You will also need some soap and warm water.

    Needle felting foam block can be found HERE.

    For ages 6 to 106. Adult supervision is recommended when needle felting with children. The needles are very sharp!

    Each kit created and assembled in Nelson, BC, Canada

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