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Waldorf Doll Making

Here’s the list of ingredients to sew one adorable Waldorf doll:

  • 1 pattern or a book that includes more than one pattern for dolls and patterns for doll clothes, too.
  • 1 Doll Making Needle Set
  • 1 piece Doll Skin Fabric
  • 250g Canadian felting batting
  • 1 meter 100% cotton stockinette
  • 1 skein Yarn for hair - wool or cotton, or a combo.
  • 1 Stockmar Beeswax Block Crayon in carmine for blushing cheeks
  • Embroidery thread for eyes and lips
  • Thread to sew it all together

All items can be found right here at Maplerose!

Waldorf Doll Making
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SEWING DOLLS By Karin Neuschutz
Organic Waldorf DOLL SKIN Fabric *NEW COLOURS
Doll Making NEEDLE Set
Soedan SUPER CHUNKY 100% Wool Yarn
100% cotton stockinette for doll making
Ashford TEKAPO 8-Ply Yarn
Stockmar Bulk BEESWAX CRAYONS Sticks + Blocks
DMC Cotton Embroidery Floss
Mettler Metrosene All Purpose Machine & Hand Sew Thread
Soedan Super Chunky 100% Wool Yarn SETS
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